Punjabi Shayari In Punjabi Language & Romantic Shayari In Love

Dosti Najaron Se Ho To Kudrat Kehte Hai,
Sitaron Se Ho To Jannat Kehte Hai,
Husn Se Ho To Mohabbat Kehte Hai,
Aur Aapse Ho To Use Kismat Kehte Hai !!

True friends are those
Who Care without hasitation,
Remember without Limitation,
Forgive without any Explanation,
and Love even with little Communication!!

Kehte hain dost banana zindagi hai
Dosti nibhana zindagi hai
Kitne bhi busy kyun na rahe din bhar
Magar ek pal ke liye hi sahi
Doston ki yaad aana hi zindagi hai !!

And suddenly I woke up
and found you there
angry! how dare
you walk into my world
stranger you were
stranger who cared
I pushed you away
I was scared
how co !!

Best punjabi Romantic Love Shayari In 2016

haseen titliyon
Beautiful Butterflyer
Haseen Titliyon Ko Sataya Nahi Karte
Kabhi Pariyoon Se Dil Lagaya Nahi Karte
Zulm Karte Hain Aksar Yehi Husan Wale
In Ko Chahat !!

Without You
my mind stops thinking?
without you
my lips stop speaking?
without you
my night are sleepless?
without you
my eyes stop dreaming?
without you !!

Dost ka pyar dua se kam nahi hota,
Woh chahe door ho phir bhi koi gham nahi hota,
Aksar pyar mein dosti kam ho jati hain,
Magar dosti mein pyar kabhi kam nahi hota !!

My stomach seems to turn over when you are around.
I seem to get nervous and really happy at the same time
when you are around.
I know my face lights up when you are aroun !!

Rabb kare sade yaar muskraunde rehen,
Sohnia nu tarpaunde rehen,
Yara nal mehfila v launde rehan,
Kuri na fase koi gal ni,
customer care nal kaam chalaunde rehan !!

Never Give Up On Anything
Its Madness –
To hate all roses, because you got scratched by one thorn.
To give up all your dreams, because one did not come true.
To lose fa !!

Tenu bhul kive jawa tu koi hadsa nai,
Vakh ho kive java tu koi rasta nai,
Zindgi mohtaj ho gai teri pyar di,
Tu mil jawe menu ta rab nal koi vasta nai !!

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